Board Solutions

Board Solutions
  • Our design and mounting divisions work together, allowing us to perform mass production oriented Printed Circuit Board development from the development stage.
  • Our hardware developers use high-speed digital Printed Circuit Board design, supplying services that offer both cost and quality benefits, such as FPGA and other pin assignment changes and simulation, normally a costly process, at low prices.
  • We offer updates on material and component conditions, such as information regarding arrival of purchased components, which has a significant impact on delivery times.
  • We handle mounting orders for as little as single boards.
  • We offer batch subcontracting of both hardware and software development.
  • We offer same-day estimates for pattern design.


  • Leave your component purchasing to us.
  • We also handle plates and processed components.
  • We offer updates on component and material deliveries.
  • We offer feedback when we discover problems in plans or diagrams.
  • We perform all processes in-house: component dispatch, mechanical assembly, Unit Assembly and Wire Harness, Printed Circuit Board mounting inspection, and mechanical and electrical adjustment.
  • Feel free to inquire regarding precision mechanical assembly as well.

On-Consignment Equipment Development

On-Consignment Equipment Development
  • We have our own design division and assembly
    and wiring division, enabling us to rapidly
    respond to specification changes, etc., even in
    the middle of the development process.
  • We can perform plan drafting, assembly, wiring, and more, just from simple block diagram memos.
  • We use a range of measurement equipment in our precision mechanical assembly and alignment, enabling us to perform alignment on the level of several dozens of micros to several microns.
  • Our drive stages are equipped with autocollimators, making straightness measurement possible.
  • Our precision measuring devices are capable of performing inspections of precision processed goods (from several dozen micros to several microns).
    * We have a fully appointed precision measuring room (maintained at a constant 23C).